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Shipping only $2.07 anywhere in the US

Only $13.99 
It’s one of those” Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas

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The new, larger locking nut is now included with all orders.

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The carabiner/keychain is not for climbing mountaineering, or use with pitons (mountaineering equipment), but is great for hanging your StickPic from your pack or belt loop.

Free StickPic carabiner/keychain
Ended August 31,2011

Many of our customers made the suggestion that it would be easier to use the StickPic when wearing gloves.  What a great idea!  We redesigned the locking nut and made it slightly bigger and easier to use.  Do you have any suggestions to improve the StickPic?  We promise to listen. Contact us HERE

Old                   New

Starting April 2011, the new locking nut is now included with every order.

You can purchase the larger locking nut by clicking HERE

For your convenience you can buy the StickPic in the following countries:

United Kingdom